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A Knee Injury is always painful. It is not only unbearable, but it is dangerous too. The Athletes generally get inflicted with it. It is a severe blow to them because their sports life comes under grave risk. It could lead to an absolute wastage of their talent and passion. However, some knee injuries are not so dangerous. They do not need surgery. You can overcome it with some precautions. One such injury is the ACL injury. It can be prevented by taking certain precautions like wearing knee braces or support and the sports person can resume his activities without much problem.

The Role of the ACL

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the main ligament in the middle of the knee. The ACL attaches the thigh bone to the shin bone of the knee. It runs diagonally from the top of the tibia to the bottom and back of the femur. It has a crucial role in restricting the knee from rolling too much. In this way, it protects the knee from sustaining wear ‘n’ tear in the joint. At the same time, it renders support to the knee. So we can understand the seriousness of the issue when this ligament gets torn.

Causes of an ACL Injury

The ACL tear hurts badly, but its causes are very trivial. We associate this injury with sportspersons, but normal activities that we do in our daily lives can make it agonizing for us. Serious accidents which lead to a severe blow to the knee joints are definitely a reason. But little accidents at home can also trigger an ACL Tear. For instance, like falling at home or just an incorrect landing while jumping, stretching our legs suddenly, and playing football etc. Whenever we become careless about our movements, we are at the risk of hurting the ligament.

Symptoms of an ACL Tear

ACL Injury can also inflict a player if he is bearing it for a long time. He keeps dealing with it without getting it tested. We tend to be careless about our injuries. We think the pain will subside but little do we know that it can get serious. We can aggravate the injury. It can also become a lifetime problem. So if you are dealing with a knee injury, have your ligament tested. An ACL Injury has the following symptoms –

  1. The knee joint will pop up.
  2. The leg falls apart, making the player fall.
  3. Swelling and discomfort in the area.

The ACL Tear is not a small injury. So, one must visit a specialist before it is too late. He can advise you for an MRI to check out the graveness of the issue. In addition, a knee check up should be done to analyze the volatility.

Healing Post Treatment

We can now understand how crucial ACL is for our movement. It is even more essential for a sports person. He should restrain from his regular routine after sustaining the injury. The ACL ligament becomes delicate after the injury, and one must be careful post treatment. You may have to give up a few matches, but in this injury, full recovery is more important.

How to Prevent an ACL Injury

It is extremely important to realize that prevention is better than cure, especially in this case. Your muscles are crucial for survival in your chosen sports if you are a player. So the main body muscles from hip rotators to the lower abs must be checked and strengthened. One must also work on Hamstrings and Quadriceps for women. The ankle tissues and right calf go a long way in providing stability to the knee.

Another very essential thing is exercises and drills to keep your body flexible and strong. What’s more, shoes are critical for your journey in sports. They provide the perfect support and grip needed in this field. So the right kind of fitness regime will help you attain proper fitness.


As a sportsperson, you have the faith and expectations of an entire nation on your shoulders. So play carefully and take care of your knees to protect your ACL. A fit body and strong knees would help you to enjoy your game to the fullest.