Osteofix OA Knee Brace

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Osteoarthritis OA Knee Brace

RECOMMENDED FOR:  OA ,osteoarthritis, medial/ laterial off loading, varus/valgus, knee joint degeneration.

The KGOI Osteofix is an ideal Off loader /Unloader knee brace that helps in knee conditions like pain, swelling, stiffness, inflammation and other symptoms associated with mild to moderate OA/ Osteoarthritis.

This knee brace features Allen Key-operated condyles cleverly mounted on bilateral arms of a durable rigid frame designed to provide both medial and lateral offloading for individuals with osteoarthritis. It delivers easy application and a relaxed, comfortable, and contoured fit, which makes it apt to use all day long.

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  • HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE OPTIMUM-RELIEF from Osteoarthritis, arthritis, knee pain, swelling, stiffness, injuries, degeneration or any other knee joint issues.
  • FDA REGISTERED 4 UNIVERSAL SIZE VARIATIONS (S,M,L,XL)TO FIT ANY KNEE SIZE PERFECTLY. Use our size chart to choose the most comfortable and ergonomic fit for you. Do not take very tight measurements, keep atleast one finger space between the thigh and the measuring tape. If you are purchasing a pair take seperate measurements for both legs.
  • YOUR GATEWAY TO FREEDOM– Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, regain stability, restore function & mobility. With our brace explore your fears and regain your ability to walk effortlessly, move up & down the stairs painlessly, do chores and play sports.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR BEST PRICE – Durable, sturdy, highly effective, easy to put on & off knee brace ensures optimal relief & healing of the afflicted knee. In spite of the world-class features of KGOI OSTEOFIX we promise to offer you the best price & service in-class.

Note: Please double-check your measurements and pick the size carefully from the chart before placing the order.

  • If you wish to buy a pair, take measurements of both legs separately.
  • If the size you have selected is unavailable or out of stock, do not select a nearby size. Your size will be restocked soon.

Need some customization as well. Please click the link below:

How to take measurements / Size chart

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  1. Julia

    This brace is incredible; it has made it so much easier for me to resume my favourite activities. I heartily suggest it. I’ve been using mine for about a year and a half, and it’s held up incredibly well. I use it three to seven times a week. I also play softball, so I’m very tough on it.

  2. Andrew

    I ordered two, and they are excellent. They provide ample support and stay in place with minimal sliding.

  3. Nikk Bell

    This is the only item that has improved my knees. I can walk without pain or discomfort.

  4. Kira

    My boyfriend loves these braces and wears them every time he goes running. His sole concern is that the knee support feels odd, but since he underwent knee surgery, his knee is bigger than the support ring.

  5. Lelon Rich

    Excellent and reliable knee stability. I engaged in tennis-related activities.

  6. Geoff

    This cost less than half the price of what I paid through the doctor-arranged unit. The sole discrepancy lies in the fact that I had to modify the angle and remove the surplus strapping on my own.

  7. Kelly

    A minor adjustment was necessary to achieve the proper fit, but not an excessive amount. This may assist me in delaying knee replacement for the time being. I wish for a longer duration.

  8. Hazel

    This brace is ideal and serves as an exact replacement for the one I obtained from the doctor’s office, but at a significantly reduced price compared to what the doctor’s office and my insurance paid me.

  9. Julia

    This item fulfilled its intended purpose. Provided relief for an unstable and painful knee.

  10. James

    I received this brace one week ago for pain and meniscus injury associated with my OA; I was unable to walk due to pain after intense running until I obtained it; my mobility improved immediately. I previously utilized a Breg brace on the opposite leg, and I must state that this one is comparable, if not superior.

  11. David

    This brace is pleasant and functional. It’s durable enough to wear to work as a contractor and has significantly reduced my knee pain.

  12. Kitty

    Love the brace’s sturdiness; you can tell it’s good quality just by how firm it feels. It’s lightweight and easy to adjust to my leg. I have arthritis in my left knee, which causes me a lot of discomfort, but with this brace, I feel much better and can walk without difficulty. I suggest this product.

  13. Brooke

    I was apprehensive to get an unloader knee brace at first due to the cost, but it has been well worth the money. The brace has helped me manage my knee pain and allowed me to continue participating in activities that I enjoy.

  14. Kelly Cullen

    Bought for my husband, he absolutely likes it and it works well for him. He has a cracked kneecap and it maintains his knee straight and practically pain free. I have used it, but it’s too wide for me, but it works good when you tighten the straps. Thank you for the amazing brace.

  15. Sophia Donald

    Comfortable. Easy to put on and removes knee discomfort, allowing me to walk. I have osteoarthritis (OA), bone on bone. Works better than my prior brace, which I purchased for $169 two years ago.This brace outperforms my pricey brace even my doctor was amazed and will recommend it to his patients.

  16. Jonathan Roscoe

    Wife claims that the brace is quite helpful in relieving the majority of her knee discomfort, which is quite intense.

  17. Elana Shapter

    Omg, they are wonderful. I own two and wear them on both knees. I require knee replacement surgery but am unable to obtain it due to a connective tissue disorder, thus bracing is my only alternative. These gave me back my movement. I’m taking fewer and fewer pain pills, and I can now walk. These have restored my life. I can’t suggest enough. Make sure you measure your legs precisely; it’s critical for how they fit.

  18. Rio Barton

    I can go up and down stairs without my knee saying “nope”. Awesome! So far, everything have been extremely comfortable. My knee is under no pressure. It’s wonderful not to have my knee “give” at some point during the day. I can easily get up from the floor while using this brace. Definitely worth the money. I haven’t found anything terrible about it. Thank you.

  19. John Sloley

    This is the exact same brace that insurance charges an arm and a leg for.

  20. David Adams

    I use this product to address my posterior knee. The product has improved the stability of my knee.

  21. Lathy Strong

    Simple on and off. I like being able to make minor strap modifications so that it fits properly and lessens pain. Walking is considerably easier. This is going to make my life easier and happier.

  22. Dominic Adams

    This brace has been a huge assistance. Because of my dependence on it, I messaged them when a part broke after using it for several months, and they were delighted to assist by sending me the broken part at no cost to me.

  23. Debbie

    It works excellent once you’ve properly configured all of the clips. I experienced an issue where the bottom came undone. After modifying the ones listed above, the brace works excellent; I no longer have knee pain after work I drive a forklift and am constantly in and out of the machine.

  24. Jimmy

    Husband chose this to avoid knee surgery. So far so good. After figuring out how to adjust it for his leg and using it for a day, he stopped complaining about his knee. YAY! I will also mention that the firm is excellent to work with, as the first one he received had some missing Velcro. They sent a new one, and it is fantastic! I recommend this to anyone who has no cartilage left in their knee and wants to avoid surgery.

  25. Cakes

    I am a physical therapist with quite serious arthritis pain in my left knee. I purchased this brace in June 2021 and it has been a great lifesaver.This is the only brace I was able to use to assist weight bearing and relieve knee pain.I suggest this stuff!

  26. Kat

    This brace is ideal for anyone with arthritis who wishes to remain active. It’s lightweight, breathable, and provides a complete range of motion. I wear it when I go on walks, and it definitely helps with my knee pain.

  27. Rahul Garg

    Good value appears to perform similarly to more costly models at a 70% lower cost. Good fit once you’ve found your comfort zone, and it stays in place.

  28. Adam Springett

    So far, it’s tight and uncomfortable, but my husband says it’s solid, good quality, and provides some relief. Will provide further updates once the brace has been broken in more.

  29. Varghese Thomas

    Excellent knee brace! It provides excellent stability. Although the brace may not be the most comfortable, it is necessary to fasten the straps tightly in order to provide adequate support. I have recommended this knee brace to other acquaintances who have been experiencing knee problems.

  30. Patricia Pearce

    Where should I commence? I am currently experiencing a sprained medial collateral ligament (MCL) and am required to ambulate a distance of 8 kilometers per day for a duration of 12 hours during my work shift. I purchased the KGOI brace and by the end of the day, I am completely unaware of its presence on my body. I was on the verge of being unable to walk. This object provided me with salvation. The person responsible for creating this. Expressing gratitude!

  31. Lee Toland

    I wear mine wherever I go because I have a torn ACL and they won’t operate on it because I’m over 40. It’s really comfortable, lightweight, and strong. This brace really helps when walking.

  32. Tanya

    I have arthritis in my knee, and this brace helps to disperse weight away from the bone-on-bone area. It has even reduce joint swelling slightly.

  33. Ian Baker

    Once I started wearing it, I was able to walk almost painlessly. I believe it is of decent quality for the amount I spent. Thank you for releasing me from pain.

  34. Johnny

    This knee brace is the most exceptional one I have ever had. I sustained a severe leg injury that nearly resulted in amputation. However, thanks to your solution, I have been able to continue working and avoid undergoing surgery.

  35. Keith Mason

    I have been experiencing chronic knee pain for the past 15 years, and I must say that this brace is unequivocally the most effective one I have ever tested. I have been excelling for a duration of two years and continue to maintain a high level of performance.

  36. Magen

    I have successfully repaired the ACL in both of my knees. As a result, I am now able to play basketball without the need for surgery. I am grateful for the effectiveness of this product.

  37. Charley

    A month ago, I saw a tourist in Miami Beach using it and inquired for his thoughts. He was an 80-year-old man delaying knee replacement for Osteofix OA Knee Brace. I’m in my 60s with Osteofix OA Knee Brace and, for various reasons, cannot have surgery yet. I wish I could see him again and give him a big hug. I’ve been using this device for a month and have experienced tremendous comfort. Wow, this works.

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