Elite ACL Knee Brace

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ACL Knee Brace

RECOMMENDED FOR:  Acl, Pcl, Mcl, Ligament & Sports Injuries, Meniscal Instabilities, Medial & Lateral Instability, Prophylactic, Protection in impact sports.

KGOI ELITE knee brace is an extremely light weight, affordable and effective device for knee pain, swelling, inflammation, knee joint issues like Acl, Pcl, Mcl, Ligament injuries, Meniscus Tear, Medial /Lateral Instability, Mild OA, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, knee joint pain relief and injury recovery in men, women & teens.

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  • PREVENTS, PROTECTS & PROMOTES HEALING: Designed to support, protect and treat conditions like Acl, Pcl, Mcl, Meniscus tear, Ligament injuries, sports injuries, medial & lateral instability, mild Oa, Arthritis and other knee joint issues.
  • SLIMMER, LIGHTER & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Low profile flexible plastic frame, durable polycentric Stainless Steel gear hinges, non-slip silicone coated comfort liners, adjustable cushioned straps provides an intimate, comfortable & contoured fit for maximum efficacy.
  • 23 SIZES FOR GREATER CUSTOMIZABILITY & PERFECT FIT: Refer to sizing image before buying this product. Measure your thigh & calf circumference according to the instructions provided in the size chart. Based on your measurements choose the most snug and ergonomic fit from Size-1 to Size-23.
  • RESTORES & ACCELERATES MOBILITY IN MEN & WOMEN: A must have for men, women & teens with knee issues whether you are jogging, playing a sport or just getting through everyday tasks, KGOI ELITE is your one stop solution.
  • Coming out of an FDA Registered Establishment these knee braces are engineered to the highest quality and compliant standards and are constantly upgraded based upon our customers feedback. For any queries or concerns contact us, our customer service team will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

Note: Please double-check your measurements and pick the size carefully from the chart before placing the order.

  • If you wish to buy a pair, take measurements of both legs separately.
  • If the size you have selected is unavailable or out of stock, do not select a nearby size. Your size will be restocked soon.

Need some customization as well. Please click the link below:

How to take measurements / Size chart

How to wear

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  1. Ric

    This is the greatest brace if you’re searching. I’ve worked on several braces for my knees on both my left and right legs. Having worn my Defiance III braces for 3 years, I can attest to their extreme strength and longevity. They give me the best possible support. It’s really simple to replace the pads on your own I do it every 4 to 6 months.

  2. Paul Turner

    I was cautious when I bought this item because I had previously tried a similar product that was not very excellent. These knee supports exceeded my expectations and then some! Do not hesitate to get these. I have significant knee problems, so take it to the bank!

  3. Hannah Jones

    This product has been quite beneficial to my partner following his knee replacement surgery. He has tried numerous compression knee braces, and this is the most effective one so far.

  4. Elma

    Greatly assist Although I am not eligible for a knee replacement at the moment, this treatment effectively prevents my knee from twisting.

  5. Simon B

    I needed something that would actually help my knee. This has been the greatest brace I’ve purchased. I purchased a few other ones that didn’t work for me. The only downside is that there should be more cotton. People with skin issues require something with more cotton. Thanks

  6. Tracey

    One aspect that I appreciate about this product is its ability to conform to the shape of your knee and leg during specific exercises. Whenever I engage in exercises such as CrossFit, machine workouts, or even simple tasks like walking, this knee brace ensures a secure fit around the leg while also providing comfort.

  7. Alan

    I have a strong affection for this item. This object is quite poor in quality. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I acquired it approximately 20 minutes ago and inserted it immediately. The sensation it provides is quite remarkable. I am certainly planning to order one for my right knee. I have a strong affection for it.

  8. Charlie

    So far, so good. What I appreciate best is that it is less metal and considerably less bulky than other brace I own.

  9. Jonathan

    This is difficult to install, but once done, it functions brilliantly and offers excellent support. I read the instructions and attempted to install the support brace initially. It continued to plummet downward. Frustratingly so. Eventually, I gave up and proceeded precisely in the direction of the provided instructions. Before reattaching each Velcro tab from the underside up, I positioned the knee brace joint ABOVE my knee and released all Velcro tabs. It unexpectedly performed admirably and remained in position.

  10. Mia

    Works as well as my previous knee brace, which cost a fraction of what this one does. Does its intended job.

  11. James

    The upper plastic of the brace was delivered with a bend to one side. With the assistance of a heat gun and thirty minutes, my PT group successfully reshaped the brace to fit appropriately. Despite its size, mass, and other characteristics, it effectively isolates my knee joint, allowing me to walk pain-free. Although the precise source of the discomfort remains unknown, the brace is undeniably beneficial. I wish my measurements were not classified as “emergency orange.”

  12. Kat

    I require knee replacement surgery, and until then, I need a brace to provide additional support. I enjoy how this brace provides robust support. The brace is well made. Very high-quality. Does what we needed it to accomplish comfortably. Thank you.

  13. Steven

    My physical therapist recommended this to assist reduce my chronic knee pain. Very comfortable and does the job.

  14. Em Smith

    My acl was torn in a motorbike accident, and it took me four years to get it healed. This knee brace helps me feel like I can get back to my pre-acl life.

  15. Maria Bennici

    I ordered this for my mom, took her measurements, and it fit her exactly. Excellent product that does not appear to be of low quality.

  16. Josh Parry

    Once I started wearing it, I was able to walk almost painlessly. I believe it is of decent quality for the amount I spent. Thank you for releasing me from pain.

  17. Laura Davies

    My bone-on-bone osteoarthritis made it impossible for me to walk even a short block without experiencing excruciating pain. I can now walk fairly pain-free on decent walks with the brace and a cane. The brace is cozy and hasn’t come off yet. That pleases me.

  18. Richard

    Brought this for my wife as she as nerve damage and can’t control the bottom of her leg works really well she says she couldn’t walk without it.

  19. Ritchie Martin

    The legs felt comfy wearing it. Your knee was appropriately supported. To ensure you order the correct size, measure your legs accurately.

  20. Gary Clark

    These knee braces are adjustable to fit a variety of leg sizes. My wife claims they appear to be unpleasant, but they are actually feeling great. I have had some sweaty braces.

  21. Elma

    I was apprehensive to use a knee brace, but my doctor suggested it for my arthritis. I’m so glad I did. This brace is easy to put on and provides excellent support. I’ve noticed a big reduction in pain and stiffness. So a terrific product that does what it’s supposed to do and, hopefully, will last until it’s no longer needed.

  22. Alan

    92-year-old with reducing knees and pain game changer! This is lightweight, easy to put on, and fits. We had to trim the top strap since muscle atrophy made the thigh extremely thin. Straps will adjust to fit most people’s sizes.

  23. John Mathew

    I bought this for my wife since she has nerve damage and can’t control the bottom of her leg. It works great and she claims she couldn’t walk without it.

  24. Alex

    I was looking for a knee brace that would be more appropriate for me when the weather warms up. I currently use a neoprene support with hinged supports that I put over my clothing because it causes my knee to sweat and bothers it after a few hours. So this design brace will be excellent for wearing shorts to work. I’m a big guy, so I was concerned about whether it would fit my leg, but I needn’t have worried because it has extended straps and fits nicely. The bracing is easily adjusted with an Allen key, and the inserts are simple to install; simply remove the two screws, slip in the necessary’stops’, and reinstall the screws. I’ll be purchasing another for my left leg shortly. I have stage 4 osteoarthritis and won’t be able to have surgery for a long time, therefore these braces will be really useful.

  25. Bear

    Fits like a glove after adjusting the straps and hinge angle using an Allen key. I can now walk with weight on that leg, and the discomfort has greatly diminished. High-quality construction that appears to be long-lasting. Thank you very lot for this goods!

  26. Sharon

    The adhesive used to attach sections of the brace together did not work properly. It appeared like the adhesive had been spread sparsely. A hot glue gun accomplished the job.

  27. Andrew

    The brace is wonderful. I honestly thought other reviewers were exaggerating when they said they observed quick improvement. They were not. This is the first brace that fits correctly, supports appropriately, and provides quick pain relief. No, it is not a cure, but having some relief when nothing else has worked for me is great.

  28. Lelon Rich

    I’ve been having problems with my knee for quite some time. I’m on a waiting list with Doc and this will help in the meanwhile. I can go outside and perform my duties at a somewhat slower pace than usual, but the discomfort is manageable with the brace. I can stay up for longer lengths of time, which I am grateful for!

  29. David

    It’s great to be able to work out without having to worry about stability issues.

  30. Amy Collins

    Omg, they are wonderful. I own two and wear them on both knees. I require knee replacement surgery but am unable to obtain it due to a connective tissue disorder, thus bracing is my only alternative. These gave me back my movement. I’m taking fewer and fewer pain pills, and I can now walk. These have restored my life. I can’t suggest enough. Make sure you measure your legs precisely; it’s critical for how they fit.

  31. Wright

    I have a torn medial meniscus in my left knee, and my doctor recommended this brace. This product has been quite helpful and has saved me a lot of money. My insurance company would have billed me $144 for the identical brace. The customer service provided was excellent. Ensure that you have properly adjusted it or refer to the instructional videos to verify that it is exerting the appropriate amount of pressure on your knee.

  32. Mark Wilson

    I really like the knee brace. I mistakenly ordered a right knee brace when I really required a left knee brace.

  33. Ankur Ojha

    It took me a few tries to get the right size, but returns were no problem. This brace actually remains on and does not slide at all. Was extremely supportive during my healing process, which I am confident accelerated my recovery. Thanks.

  34. Cakes

    This brace is the most superior one I have ever utilized! It adjusts the position of the knee to enhance stability. For more than five decades, I have been plagued with knee issues. However, thanks to this brace, I am now able to continue my normal activities.

  35. Rashika Jain

    I just received this thing today, which I had expected to arrive on the 15th. She is wearing it now and appears to be happy, but we won’t know for a few more days. Thank you for your rapid service.

  36. Brenda

    Provides amazing support. The thigh pads should be tilted more, as the buckle slides to one side. But altogether, I like this stuff. And I would recommend it.

  37. Rachel

    Since my knee surgery, it has served as my crutch, enabling me to continue my daily activities without prolonged interruptions or the need for a painful immobilizing cast. I highly endorse it!

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