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MOTION is essential to living, so is the KGOI Knee Brace.

Regain your knee strength and natural mobility with KGOI Knee Braces, meticulously designed affordable medical devices which are highly effective and can fulfill our customers expectation of a Low Profile, High Performance, User-Friendly, Comfortable, Effective & Affordable Knee Brace. Through consistent quality upgradation based on our patients feedback we develop clinically effective and competitively priced knee braces to enable every member of community to enjoy an independent, productive and healthier life.

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KGOI Knee Braces Products




Do not let knee pain prevent you from moving and feeling better. Knee pain or injury is very common these days because of certain medical conditions, aging, or while participating in sports. Treating them is possible, but preventing them is most advisable. Rehabilitation products like knee brace support play a very crucial role in preventing and recovering from a knee injury or surgery.


KGOI Knee braces buying guide –

A right knee brace support will not only ensure speedy recovery but will also provide stability to the knee in order to prevent further injury or damage. One should look at various important factors before buying a knee brace for either men or women. The most important criteria is the type of injury for which your medical expert has recommended the knee brace or the area where it is needed the most. Then there is the size and fit, material and comfort, weight, style, mobility, and any other special feature. By selecting an accurate size of knee brace, one can easily carry out day-to-day activities while safeguarding the knee. Do not miss the chance to check the product for its scientific certification.

Types of Knee Braces for Men & Women:

Since there are various types of knee injuries and pain, one can find a wide range of knee braces to prevent and heal the pain at its best. Hence, it is always advisable to consult your medical expert before buying a knee brace.

Functional Knee Braces

This type of knee brace works best for giving stability to the knees that are already injured or preventing any injury. It is widely used for those recovering from ACL injuries.

Prophylactic Knee Braces

This type of knee brace works best for preventing and minimising the severity of any ligamentous injuries. Highly recommended for athletes who play football, are at risk of suffering an MCL injury, or have a history of suffering an MCL injury.

Rehabilitative knee braces

They work as a protection to avoid any further damage to the knees that have been operated on or are already injured. Individuals who are prone to knee injuries use it as a protective shield for them.

Off loader or unloader knee braces

Best suitable for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Today, with the market flooded with a number of choices, the KGOI knee braces for men and women are highly recommended by orthopaedic experts and physiotherapists. All credit goes to their scientifically designed, clinically certified, premium quality knee braces, which are highly comfortable, durable, user-friendly, and affordable. KGOI products hold great market value and trust among the customers as they provide a high level of support without obstructing the range of movement. Their most popular knee brace support helps you move ahead without worrying about the pain or injury. The products are thoughtfully designed with the objective of ensuring a perfect solution to ease pain in the knee by distributing uniform pressure and offloading the knee joint. The best part is that they make use of premium materials for their braces to offer optimum comfort when worn while sitting or standing. Being lightweight, KGOI braces offer a snug fit with a perfect compression to the knee joint. KGOI has knee braces to treat all types of conditions, which help in speedy recovery and best rehabilitation care post a knee injury. The products come with customizable hook-and loop straps for easy adjustment irrespective of the type and body size.


How do knee braces help to reduce pain?

Knee brace supports are made from a perfect combination of different materials such as foam, elastic, plastic, and metal that helps in re-alignment of the knee joint by reducing the pressure on the damaged knee joint and also prevents any future wear and tear of that joint. Knee brace support minimises the load on the affected area and thereby ensures smooth movement.

Are knee braces effective?

If worn the right way with the perfect size, a knee brace provides good stability to the knee, prevents injury, reduces pain and protects the knee post-surgery or used as a part of any treatment.

Why is it critical to wear the proper size knee brace?

A knee brace or support should be snug instead of tight or loose. A brace that does not fit perfectly may cause further damage or delay the recovery.

How long should one wear a knee brace or support?

It is always advisable to wear a knee brace on the recommendation of an expert and should be worn for the time as suggested.

How to wear a knee brace?

Wearing a knee brace comfortably is very important or it may cause discomfort and, at times, even pain. One should always go through all the instructions properly shared for taking off and putting on the brace to ensure maximum comfort.

How should I care for and clean my knee brace?

Cleaning the knee brace is very important for keeping it bacteria free, effective and durable so that it works well for a prolonged time. One can clean it easily by any household soap as and when required.


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