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Knee Problems are more stressful than painful. You can deal with all other problems like fractures and dislocation of the shoulder, but a knee injury is a problem that restricts your movement. Your work and your life at home can go for a toss. What is even sadder is that the problem can become long-term trouble for you! The situation becomes worse when this problem is inflicted on a woman.

Women are the strength of the house! Every person and every activity revolves around her! From the household chores and daily meals to doing their job, they successfully carry out their responsibilities everywhere! In the process, they sustain knee injuries! The home comes to a standstill when the lady of the house gets restricted to her bed! We think that only sports persons have knee problems, but every year approximately ten million women get affected by knee problems! And the concerning factor is that most of them are not related to sports! So one is compelled to think about the causes that can lead to this injury in women!

Causes of Knee Injuries in Women!

Researchers have carried-out extensive research to analyze the root cause behind this problem. The structure of the women is largely responsible for this pain! The hips of the ladies are wider than men. In addition, their thighbones, right from the hips to the knees, are curved inwards. Such an alignment puts additional stress on the knee joints! The muscles of the women are another cause to consider! Women are different from men, and they use their legs also differently! This is why knee injuries are so common in women.

Knee Problems and Solutions

Given below are some knee problems that commonly affect women. But where there are problems, there are solutions also. So let us check them out and understand the intricacies of knee problems: –

Pain in the Knee Cap

The knee cap, or Patella as we call it in scientific language, is located on the top of the knee. When it functions correctly, it glides up and down along with the movement of your leg. But sometimes, the knee cap suddenly moves away and rubs with nearby cartilages and bones. The friction can cause pain, and swelling in and around the knee cap.

Solution –

The first important thing is to strengthen the muscles of the front knee cap. It will help you to avoid the pain. Another thing is to try not to over-exert your knees with activities like climbing the stairs, running or squatting, etc.

Meniscus Tear –

The Meniscus Tear is one of the most common injuries. Mostly, it is athletes who get inflicted with it! The Meniscus is C-shaped cartilage between the shin bone and the thigh bone. It is like a cushion for the knee and it works like a shock absorber! Every knee consists of two menisci. Once the cartilage is torn, it will cause pain and swelling and pain in and around the knee area.

Solution –

The torn cartilage can render unbearable pain. You can soothe it down with ice therapy and take medicine to ease the swelling. Stretching exercises are advisable for the strengthening of legs.

ACL Injury –

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury is one of the most painful knee injuries. ACL Ligament is a set of tissues that connect the thigh bone with the shin bone providing stability to the knee. A tear or breakage in the ligament causes the injury. Youngsters or athletes generally get affected by it! It causes unbearable pain and gives you stress as it restricts your movement.

Solution –

Researchers believe we can reduce ACL injury through training sessions and coaching programs. They help in providing strength to the muscles and bones of the body. The best treatment, however, is to wear Knee brace on the advice of a specialist.


Women have more responsibilities than men. Hence they must take care of themselves a bit more! So, one must be careful while indulging in any activity that requires overuse of knees. And if you sustain a knee injury, consult a specialist instead of ignoring it! Keep shining with Health!