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KGOI Knee Braces is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of cautiously engineered knee braces and supports which enhance mobility and performance for patients with knee bone and joint issues and empowers them to lead a more active, independent and fulfilling life.

Founded in 2011, we boast to be one of India’s oldest and most respected brands that offer premium orthopedic solutions. We are globally recognized for serving patients, athletes and healthcare professionals with world class devices at affordable prices.

Being a purpose driven company we are consistently engaged in improvement of our product and its mechanism to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers.

Why choose us?

    1. Light weight, easy to wear, comfortable and extremely durable.
    2. Maximum size variations for accure fit.
    3. Designed using high-grade material and soft frame padding.
    4. KGOI’s Knee Braces are cautiously engineered to correct misaligned bones of the knee.
    5. If worn regularly can delay or even prevent surgery.
    6. Consistent R&D to improve product effectiveness
    7. Quick customer service & assistance.

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