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Any problem associated with the knees is painful! Be it Arthritis or Osteoarthritis, the part of the body that is perhaps the strongest becomes vulnerable! Our knees provide us with the support to stand, bend and run, but when they only lose the fire and go weak, you feel no hope! And ACL Reconstruction is a treatment that worries you because you get tensed about the recovery process! But with the support of Knee Braces by your side, you can relax and leave the worries aside!

ACL Reconstruction: The surgery!

ACL Reconstruction is a surgical process to replace a torn ligament in the knee. A Ligament is a strip of tissue that connects one bone with another. ACL, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is one of the two major ligaments in the knee. It goes past the middle of the knee and connects the thighbone with the shinbone, thereby providing stability to the knee joint! During this surgery, the orthopedic surgeon removes the torn ligament and replaces it with a new set of tissues (tendons) that joins the muscles with the bones. The graft tendons are taken from another part of your knee or a deceased donor.

Causes of ACL Reconstruction!

ACL injuries generally affect activities where the knees have to bear immense stress. Common patients are sports persons, dancers and athletes. They can sustain this injury while:

  • Landing inaccurately while jumping
  • Turning suddenly while standing
  • Taking a sudden stop
  • Changing direction while running
  • Sustaining a severe blow on the knee!

So we can understand the seriousness of ACL injury and how crucial is the healing process! There are infinite risks in the absence of proper treatment. One can sustain long-term stiffness and pain in the knee. Graft failure can make it difficult for you to continue your normal activities.  But when you have the support of Knee Braces, you can be sure of getting well soon!

Knee Braces: The Ideal Protection!

Post ACL Reconstruction, orthopedic doctors suggest patients for wearing Knee Braces. Knee Braces grip the knee softly and stabilize it! Soccer players or other sportspersons who resume their game after an ACL Reconstruction require Knee Braces to protect their knee cap! Many times, patients seek the help of knee braces because of an inadequate ACL. They use them to prevent them from anxiety.

The Post Operative Knee Braces

The post-operative Knee Braces are long in size. They are flexible and can extend a long way down to grip most parts of your leg! They provide complete safety to your knee. They restrict your movement because of which you can expect a speedy recovery. So these are perhaps the best Knee Braces, post Reconstruction surgery.

Functional Knee Braces

Functional Knee Braces are another type of brace recommended by the doctor. They are much shorter than the post-operative braces and include open pores for better airflow. It is also available in a wrap-around design. It provides complete safety to the knees.

Proper Fitting Crucial!

Proper fitting of the knee braces is very crucial. A Knee Brace should not be too loose as they will not give proper grip to the knees and keep sliding down! Similarly, they should not be too tight as it can stop blood circulation. This may cause swelling and other complications. So let your doctor suggest the perfect size of Brace that would give proper support to your knees.

Two Finger Method!

The Two Finger Method is a popular to know about the true fitting of your braces!

  1. Wear the braces and tie up the straps.
  2. Then slide your fingers below the straps.

If your two fingers have difficulty moving inside, it is too tight. But if it can easily move, it means it is too loose. So adjust it according to get it fitted appropriately. Walk a bit to see how it works, and you will get to know the proper fit. A point to remember is that only proper fitting can take you towards speedy recovery.


Knee Braces are perhaps the best technique to recover from ACL Reconstruction soon. They provide complete safety and stability to your knees. But you have to check out which sort of braces would work for you. So wear them and get well soon.