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You’re probably wondering, “Will I be able to enjoy summer activities while wearing my knee brace?” as summer approaches.

In order to assist people become more mobile and self-assured, regardless of what illnesses or injuries could impair their quality of life, KGOI prioritizes innovation.

Here are some tips from us for using your Elite ACL or Osteofix OA knee brace to have a stress-free summer! Orthotics will give you genuine support and pain relief while you engage in your numerous hobbies. However, it’s crucial to let your doctor and the local clinician know before starting any activity.

In summer, wear lightweight knee braces to stay cool

With 3D printing, we can customize and optimize the correct amount of material only where it’s needed to keep the weight down on Osteofix OA ligament knee braces and Elite ACL unloader knee braces. KGOI braces will assist you in avoiding discomfort when moving, particularly in warm weather. The 6-8 mm thick brace is thin enough to wear beneath dresses or jeans with ease.

Using my brace when swimming

Because of its durable, soft texture, it’s ideal for swimming in a pool or the sea. Water won’t break your brace, and its weight won’t make your leg seem heavier.

To avoid any bacteria or residue being stuck in the brace’s hinges, remember to hand-clean it in clear water after swimming. Remember to let your brace air dry.

Keep up your trekking or gardening

Every knee orthosis is different and made to order to best fit the anatomy and pathophysiology of the patient. KGOI orthoses do not restrict leg mobility; rather, they follow the knee’s natural three-dimensional movement. You can therefore continue with your regular activities, such hiking or gardening, regardless of the severity of your osteoarthritis.

For maximum comfort during vigorous activities, we suggest dressing in leggings or knee undersleeves below your Osteofix OA.


A knee orthosis can help athletes or physically active persons gradually resume their sports after a cruciate ligament damage by supporting the knee and preventing instability.

Playing sports is totally acceptable, but in order to prevent any impact on the brace, we advise sticking to non-contact sports like tennis, golf, hiking, leisure soccer, or surfing.

Playing contact sports like football, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, or field hockey is not something we advise.