Sportz X-pro ACL Knee Brace

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ACL Knee Brace

RECOMMENDED FOR:  Acl, Pcl, Mcl, Ligament & Sports Injuries, Meniscal Instabilities, Medial & Lateral Instability, Prophylactic, Protection in impact sports.

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KGOI SPORTZ X-PRO is a cautiously engineered solution for knee pain relief, swelling, inflammation, and other joint issues like ACL, PCL, MCL, and Ligament injuries, Meniscus Tear, Medial /Lateral Instability, Mild OA, Arthritis, Sports Injuries in men and women.

This knee brace features a durable rigid frame with dynamic hinges on both sides to mimic the natural motion of the knee which gives you that extra support and protection during injury recovery and prevention from further injuries during heavy activities (jogging/running/sports) or mild wear and tear in day-to-day life.

It delivers easy application and an intimate, comfortable, and contoured fit, which makes it fit to use all day long.

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• PHENOMENAL PROTECTION/ OPTIMUM RELIEF: An ideal brace that provides maximum stability and support in conditions like Acl, Pcl, Mcl, Meniscus tear, Ligament injuries, sports injuries, medial & lateral instability, mild Oa, Arthritis and other knee joint issues.

• 22 CUSTOMIZED SIZE VARIATIONS TO ENSURE A PERFECT FIT: Measure your thigh & calf circumference according to the instructions provided in the size chart. Based on your measurements choose the most snug and ergonomic fit from Size-1 to Size-22.

• PREMIUM QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICE: Superior grade aluminum frame, durable polycentric SS gear hinges, non-slip silicone coated comfort liners, adjustable cushioned straps ensure optimal support, protection and healing.

• YOUR GATEWAY TO FREEDOM: A perfect brace for men, women and teens with knee issues to get through heavy activities or just everyday tasks. Now freely enjoy demanding sports without risk of injury.

• FDA REGISTERED KNEE BRACE: Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the (US) FDA our knee braces are engineered to the highest quality and compliant standards and are constantly upgraded based upon our customers feedback. For any queries or concerns contact us, our customer service team will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

Note: Please double-check your measurements and pick the size carefully from the chart before placing the order.

  • If you wish to buy a pair, take measurements of both legs separately.
  • If the size you have selected is unavailable or out of stock, do not select a nearby size. Your size will be restocked soon.

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9 reviews for Sportz X-pro ACL Knee Brace

  1. Bekky Davis

    My kid, who has undergone two severe knee operations, participates in sports, and his physical therapist recommended this brace. He like how robust his knee feels when he is exercising. It is really sturdy, and he may wear it for a long period. The dimensions were accurate, and his size was ideal. Really wonderful stuff; highly recommended.

  2. Diane

    I seriously hurt my knee, most likely tearing the LCL and maybe tearing the meniscus or ACL, as a result of many concerns with pain and extension. I had been without insurance for a month, so I have not been able to check, and my opposite leg was aching from my limp. Soft braces assisted with sideways stability, but if I fully straighten my knee, it hyperextends backwards. This brace has allowed me to walk normally with stability by relieving pressure on my knee and preventing it from bowing inward or backward due to hyperextension.

  3. Noel Smith

    It provides good stability. I’m still getting used to wearing it and adjusting the straps, but it significantly relieves some of the pressure on my knee while walking.

  4. James Sais

    These knee braces are adjustable to fit a variety of leg sizes. My wife claims they appear to be unpleasant, but they are actually feeling great. I have had some sweaty braces. These breathe, and I forget I’m wearing them, except that I’m no longer afraid of uneven ground or going to the Mall of America.

  5. Steve

    The brace provided excellent support for my knee throughout healing. Met my expectations.

  6. Annie O’Donnell

    I loved the brace. I have a total ACL injury, and my knee gives out. This brace helps to support my knee while doing so.

  7. Emily Mason

    It provides good stability. I’m still adjusting to having it on and getting the straps exactly right, but it definitely takes a lot of pressure off of my knee while walking.

  8. Ian Parker

    Prevents my knee from shifting. Comfortable. Adjustable. My knee is arthritic and I have bilateral meniscus tears. Without it, I couldn’t walk some days. It’s durable and well-made.

  9. Harry Smith

    Prevents my knee from shifting. Comfortable. Adjustable. My knee is arthritic and I have bilateral meniscus tears. Without it, I couldn’t walk some days. It’s durable and well-made.

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